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South America

3 Idyllic Locations in 4 Weeks

Location 1 - Ilha Grande

Brazil, State of Rio de Janerio

Ilha Grande is a beautiful Brazilian island, a protected area with an array of stunning beaches and virgin atlantic rainforest. Lopes Mendes beach was once voted one of the top 10 most beautiful in the world by Vogue Magazine. Located under 100 miles from the city of Rio it will provide an exceptional base for the first part of our trip.

Location 2 - Ilhabela

Brazil, State of Sao Paulo

Illhabela (Portuguese for beautiful island) earns its name from its volcanic peaks, 45 beautiful beaches, dense tropical jungle and some 360 waterfalls. We will stay here for the second part of our journey. You may even be lucky enough to be joined by dolphins on the boat transfer over!

Location 3 - Colonia del Sacramento

Uruguay / Argentina

On the east bank of the Río de la Plata, 100 miles west of Montevideo and only 30 miles from Buenos Aires by ferry, Colonia is an irresistibly picturesque town enshrined as a Unesco World Heritage site. This will be our third and final part of the journey and will offer a fantastic base to complete our trip.

Why South America

“There’s never been a better time than now to be involved with the Latin American startup scene” - Nathan Lustig, Managing partner at Magma Partners

Latin America is fast becoming a serious competitor to Europe and the USA in terms of startups especially in the technology sector and will prove an inspirational host to the ‘startup game’ in 2019.

Recently Mark Zuckerberg has invested, Google have partnered up and Microsoft have set up offices in South America indicating a thriving startup scene and incredible entrepreneurial spirit. 

Nomadisation 9 will give you the opportunity to step out of your comfort zone and enjoy unique experiences that will create lasting memories and to re-evaluate your own values and cultural norms giving you a wider personal and professional perspective. 

On completing our well rounded programme you will show potential startup partners, capital investors or future employers a more mature, responsible and adaptable side

The price of the trip is £2700 (10% discount available - Apply or Contact us to find out more).
The 10% discount is automatically offered to all students associated with partnered institutions to Nomadisation.

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