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90 students, Summer 2019

3 Countries, 2 Islands, 1 Startup

Nomadisation, where premium travel and premium education collide to create a truly unique experience to aid a desirable and satisfying career path.

How It Works

Nomadisation is a mentored and dynamic education hub that consolidates and fast tracks startup ideas within a purposeful, relevant and cultural environment.

We will focus on peer to peer education, personal development, unique experiences and exclusive opportunities on completion.

We offer all selected students a structured and productive summer to maximize non-uni time with focus on academia and self development by integrating entrepreneurial skills within a dynamic, exciting and focused travel environment.

In addition to our programme abroad Nomadisation offers a UK based platform for entrepreneurial students with startup concepts and exceptional talent.

Nomadisation will incubate and accelerate individuals and Startup ideas through our mentoring platforms and industry connections. This could lead to either graduate jobs for talented individuals or early seeding for viable startup ideas.

Contact us and tell us how you would like Nomadisation to assist you.

Our Founder & Growing Team of Mentors

Ben Diamond



Ben's passion for purposeful educational travel and his industry knowledge and extensive industry contact base gives the drive and authority necessary for Nomadisation to provide a unique and rewarding opportunity for students this summer.

Edward Arkus

Managing Director
Harris Williams & Co


Photis Kassianides

25 Years Global
Portfolio Trading


Jay Dickieson

Managing Partner
The Summerhill Group

Startup EXPERT

2019 Partner


Our definition:   “The transitional process from sedentary to nomadic, enhancing both personal development and a chosen career path.”

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